Soybean Processing - Soybean Grower

Located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Fabin Bros. Farms is a family-owned & operated farm specializing in soybean processing, crop production, cow-calf operations, as well as commodity buying and marketing. Since 1985, brothers Rick and Stan Fabin have worked together to meet their customers' needs by creating respectful relationships with them.

Our nearly 3,000-acre operation grows, buys and markets soybeans, corn, wheat and hay. After realizing the need for value-added products in Western Pennsylvania's agriculture industry, we have made it our mission to provide high-quality products and services to our customers.

For more information regarding Fabin Bros. Farms, please call 724.479.0838 or contact us today.

Soybean Processing

Fabin Bros. Farms' soybean processing facility uses an all-natural method of processing to produce two value-added products: partially degummed raw crude soy oil and soy Express meal.

Ag Commodity Buyers

Fabin Bros. Farms is a Pennsylvania grain commodities buyer, purchasing soybeans, wheat and corn.

Learn about our Farming Operations

Fabin Bros. Farms' farming operations include growing and processing soybeans, growing and selling corn, wheat and hay, and additional farming and transportation services.

Transportation Services

Fabin Bros. Farms provides transportation services under FBF Transport.

Fabin Bros. Farms - 231 Bethel Church Rd - Indiana, PA 15701 - Phone: (724) 479-0838