Pennsylvania Farming Operations

Fabin Bros. Farms' Pennsylvania farming operations include growing and processing soybeans, growing and selling corn, wheat, and hay and offering farming services for local farmers. Located in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Fabin Bros. Farms is family-owned & operated, specializing in soybean processing, crop production, cow-calf operations, as well as commodity buying and marketing. combine

Grain Drying/Storage Services: Drying and storage for corn, wheat, straw and grains is available from Fabin Bros. Farms. We offer a variety of drying and storage services for your specific needs.

Pennsylvania Grain Processing: Fabin Bros. Farms offers grain processing services for Pennsylvania farmers and grain growers including corn, wheat and soybeans.

Farm Trucking/Bulk Transportation Services: Farm trucking services and bulk transportation services from FBF Transport include transportation for agricultural products, grains, soybeans and corn.

For more information regarding Fabin Bros. Farms' products and services, please call 724.479.0838 or contact us today.

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Fabin Bros. Farms - 231 Bethel Church Rd - Indiana, PA 15701 - Phone: (724) 479-0838