Pennsylvania Farm Landowners

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Fabin Bros. Farms utilizes modern practices to help maintain and improve land assets. Our livelihood is derived from the soil which is our duty to protect, improve and respect. Some of the technologies and practices used at Fabin Bros. Farms include:

'No-Till' Land Preparation: Our farming operations utilize a 'no-till' land-preparation technique that eliminates the need for plowing and turning soil. This practice increases organic matter while reducing erosion, and promotes soil health and vitality.

GPS: Utilizing computer-guided application of products allows Fabin Bros. Farms to apply the correct amount of fertilizers, sprays and seeds to minimize overlapping and/or over applying. This technology steers the tractors, and gathers data used in variable rate application. Yield data is also collected and used to create yield maps to help evaluate problem areas, and help prioritize improvements.

Mowing and Trimming: Much of Fabin Bros. Farms' weed and brush control practice comes from a methodical approach to mowing, as well as the application of weed-control herbicides.

Cover Crops: Whenever possible (harvest timing dependent), a winter cover crop is applied on the land to help promote soil health, and keep the nutrients from leaching.

Innovation: Fabin Bros. Farms is constantly evaluating and often embraces new practices and technologies.

Respectful Relationships: Farming is a time-consuming business, especially during harvest, and communications with landowners could become hindered. Because of this, Fabin Bros. Farms has implemented some positive changes that put our landowners closer to the happenings on his/her land.

The 2013 planting season is almost upon us! If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

For more information regarding Pennsylvania Farm Landowners, please call 724.479.0838 or contact us today.

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