Employee Biographies

Rick Fabin, co-owner and partner since 1985, was born and raised at Fabin Bros. Farms. Rick graduated from the Executive Program for Agricultural Producers at Texas A&M University.

Stan Fabin is certified in private pesticide application. Stan was born and raised at Fabin Bros. Farms and has been a co-owner and partner since 1985.

Andy Fabin graduated from Penn State University with an Agribusiness management degree and has a Commercial Driver's License. Andy has worked at Fabin Bros. Farms since 1996. He is active in several industry organizations and committees, including Pennsylvania Cattlemenís Association, BQA, PA Beef Council, Indiana county Farm Bureau, and Pennsylvania Farm Bureauís Young Farmer and Rancher committee. He also drives for FBF Transport.

Chris Fabin studied Criminal Justice at Penn State University and has been with Fabin Bros. Farms since 2008. Chris is a general laborer and assists in managing the soybean plant. He is also a member of the PA Farm Bureau.

Dan Fabin is a registered Professional Engineer, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering, and a MBA from Iowa State University. He worked for John Deere for 13 years, and returned to the area in 2008 to assist in managing farm/land operations.

Charlie Pegg has a Commercial Driver's License and has been a general laborer for Fabin Bros. Farms since 2003.

Eric Pegg plants our soybeans. Eric has worked as a general laborer at Fabin Bros. Farms since 2001.

Kevin Allison joined Fabin Bros. Farms in 2011. Kevin has a Commercial Driver's License and drives for FBF Transport.

Donna Hill has managed the Fabin Bros. Farms office since 2008. Donna has an Associate of Science degree in Computer Applications with a minor in Accounting.

Keri Fabin received a bachelor's degree in Journalism/PR from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In 2011, she joined Fabin Bros. Farms to help with work in the office, and manage the website and social media.

For more information regarding Fabin Bros. Farms' employees, please call 724.479.0838 or contact us today. 2

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